HRM is a process or strategy which is an indispensable part of an organization's to manage their employees. The purpose of this service is to improve workplace performance and let them learn new skills and knowledge. It effectively supports the management team to explore and hire the best-talented employees appropriate for the job role. We allow your business to gain a competitive advantage with enhanced employee performance and let them get benefited with improved opportunities.


ERP software permits people to share real-time information with the assistance of a single and secure database. We integrate customized features and specifications to allow you to run your business process in a streamlined manner. In along with info-sharing, it efficiently notifies the area of improvement where the estimated business target really struck. It helps in improvising the areas like marketing, finance, human resources, core supply chain, management, and more operations.


CRM software aids companies to maximize the profit rate, business relationships, and predominant leads. We, Fern Crystal, design and develop the software with high-end features with personalized support that helps catch the audience in and around your business circle. The customer-facing data is automated and makes your place be engaged with utmost comfort. If they feel safe and secure at your destination then you do not need any extra setup to create reliability on your product or services.


POS software collaborates with your business process and data in one place and lets you enjoy an effortless process. It typically tracks and organizes a significant set of information including invoices, stock availability, purchase, sales, rentals, and other business-related works and transactions. We make all the integrated work easy and effortless to organize and manage relentlessly. With its exceeded features, companies benefit inside as well as have a possibility to gain popularity among merchants and customers.


This is similar to the functionality of cloud-based ERP software that lets schools and college institutions do a maximum set of functionality effortlessly. It completely takes over all the required activities with perfect resolutions for evolving complexities. In a term, the software manages day-to-day administrative activities such as fees payment, admission, staff and student attendance, etc. Probably, no more confusions detected in the management side while running off in an organized manner.


With the inclusion of awful features, UPS is available to occupy your desired space. Both the sales and services are grateful to provide as it is extremely fit for any type of requirements. We do installations and services in accordance with the infrastructure you are having. The quality of supplying the product is extreme enough and no more complications are expected while the desired maintenance is offered on time. We proactively manage and support you throughout the entire useful time instead of making you encounter any hassles or installing a new one.


Speed and accuracy are the basic components of achieving customer satisfaction whereas in the logistic industry which is evidenced. We intended to provide real-time visibility of your business including financial and operational performance. It covers all the important aspects including integrated transportation, inventory, material management, packaging, security, and more. With an effective usage of logistic software, businesses can be benefited in real-time.


The management progress inside the hospital is chaotic as it definitely needs the support of clinical management software. It coordinates all the departments in a single place which assist the Doctors to focus on core activities. Fern Crystal surprises you with high-end hospital software for satisfying the actual needs of working people and patients simultaneously. We allow you to stay away from complexities as the same makes your work simple and efficient. The software plays a crucial role in managing the lab, stock, appointments, pharmacy, and more.


The tool aids restaurant owners to perform end-to-end operations. As for avoiding risky factors of manual mistakes, restaurant management software is high in demand. The unified features empower your restaurant to keep following the analytics, orders, payrolls, and inventory. Due to its appealing integrations, the hectic situations of restaurant owners and employees are reduced drastically which tends to earn positive customer response.

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