Do's & Don'ts of Web Designing - Must Consider While Designing or Redesigning

By Ramya Shanmugam -

While coming to web designing, there are some prominent factors for discussion. Most importantly, the design and development rely on the type of business you are dealing with. Instead of getting confused on your own, seek the assistance of a web design company in erode that overwhelms you with quality output.

With a thorough understanding of design trends and the marketplace, a designer can work and deliver the target output. In that instance, there are some points to remember that help you in handling with utmost care and attention. Not all the features and specifications are compulsory to add on whereas it depends on the type of website you want for. 

Some may design for websites and some for blogs, so tell your designer how you would expect the final output. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, just give a glance at this article and observe what a designer needs to take place.

Do’s: Make Your Designing Way so Simple

The major mistake that we can see everywhere is a complex design which is really terrific to observe. Remember, your business may contain all types of users as your website theme should fit everyone perfectly for a wide reach. Don't allow your website to design like a party hall, just let it be displayed in a simple and inspiring manner. The complexities in the design will let users down and no longer audience can be expected. Do consult the actual business requirements and your target audience aids in confirming the final features.

Don’t: Go for Fake Attraction

Many web development companies emerged to create an attraction with winsome features and images. Such kinds of activities will not gift us long-lasting results whereas the result will be the direct opposite to it. No matter what kind of product or service you are offering, just enable the color and content should be simple and inspiring. Don't add too many themes and animation-like images, do focus on the goal that you have estimated.

Do’s: Consider Image-Quality as a Foremost Factor

Ask your web designer to choose interactive images that obviously match your business nature. It’s a proven fact that a majority of people understand your services only with the presence of speaking images. You may belong to any industry, your business website contains all required parameters in accordance with your audience's expectations. Usually, the web designers in erode begin to focus on response and content without taking images in high priority. It definitely helps you in getting valuable customers and convincing them to stay at your side.

Don’t: Add the Keywords Forcefully

Keyword stuffing is a common practice that helps websites to rank higher in search engine results. As per Google terms and conditions, we need to add relevant keywords without adding anything forcefully. Both the primary and secondary keywords should be mentioned naturally for getting benefitted from organic results.

If any industry-based keywords have been added forcefully which may typically impact your website ranking. So, it is highly recommended to pick out the keywords that really work genuinely for your business.

Do: Prefer Less Number of Options

The biggest mistake that can be found in many websites is including so many options for the users. Moreover, people wish to jump off the page once they get the required information or product at their end. In that instance, no one is ready to experience the complexities of multiple pages. To elevate the chances of interaction, the professional web design company in erode suggests only a few important choices to place on your website. You have a duty of enhancing your user’s convenience and allowing them to engage in their comfort zone.

Don’t: Go With Unusual Size & Font

Foremostly, the website should be organized and won't include any odd font and size. A few web development companies may ask you to give a large font size that is extremely comfortable for the users to explore. But in reality, no one likes to continue with your business if it doesn't look interactive to visit. Do plan for a website with simple goals that obviously create a positive impact among the audience from diverse locations. Give importance to theme and website structure, however, the font should be finalized in the way it suits perfectly.

Do: Enclose High-Quality User Generated Content

Probably, you may have heard about the importance of writing user-generated content. In this rapidly evolving technology, businesses begin to go in advance with AI content as it greatly decreases your visibility. There is no value for the content, none other than written manually. Moreover, this could be the foremost parameter required to consider while designing and launching your website. In addition, choosing the right keywords relevant to your industry allows Google to locate your destination.

Don’t: Let Your Users to Wait for Loading Your Website

Sometimes it may happen that the website takes too long to load the resources like content, images, or videos. Nearly 47% of users are expecting to explore the website in less than 2 minutes as we used to call it as “responsive” and “fast-loading”. If a web page takes a long time to display the content, the users may get frustrated which results in an increasing of bounce rate and non-returning users. To accomplish the desired business goals, setting a site with all mandatory features and benefits matters a lot.

Do: Allocate Sufficient Space to View the Webpage Comfortably

Overcrowding is the biggest thread that tends to feel uncomfortable while visiting and exploring. Explain this point in detail for designing a website with sufficient space in between content, images, margins, and all. Indulging essential specifications are more than enough rather than putting extra variables for decorating purposes. Make your designer understand that the site should give a unique, impressive, and professional look in accordance with corporate guidelines.

Don’t: Plan a Design from Single Perspective

The website plan incorporates different concepts as it could be done with a clear estimation. Though an impressive webpage is indispensable, finalizing the final design is still a daunting task for every designer. Web design and development are not just the ideas of a single person instead they should be made from a longer perspective. Once before confirming, ensure that is appropriate for the user's expectations. It aims to interact with the users directly and keep them engaged.

Final Words

When coming to website designing, overdose is strictly prohibited that won't give any benefits to your business. It is essential to understand your business requirements to know what it really requires and what it does not. The aforementioned factors are common for all industries as it typically helps businesses to showcase their individuality.